Far reaching projects

Being based in both the UK and the US, the Emergence Films team are perfectly placed to help bring your project to life in either region. We also have many production contacts across Europe and Canada. We are always happy to make meaningful connections that help your projects. 

Budgeting / Scheduling

Budgeting/Scheduling - *indie-friendly pricing*

With 10 years of experience as a Producer, Line Producer and 1st Assistant Director, co-founder Sienna Beckman can help create professional line-by-line budgets and filming schedules in Movie Magic software for your feature film.

Having a budget and a schedule when pitching and fundraising for your film is an invaluable tool, and we want you to feel confident going into those meetings. We offer indie-friendly sliding scale pricing, because we want to support newer filmmakers, female-identifying filmmakers, and filmmakers from historically underrepresented communities. Please get in touch for more info on pricing breakdown. 

Pitch Deck and Script Development

Do you have a draft of a script or pitch deck that you’re feeling like you’re ready to start pitching to production companies, distributors, financiers or commissioners?

We can offer detailed and bespoke creative and practical feedback from the point of view of an award-winning producer and writer/director, that will help elevate your pitch materials and script drafts to the best they can be. 

Production Services & Consultation in US & UK

As a company, we are based in the US in Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington, as well as in London, UK. If you are an international filmmaker or production company looking to bring your production to either the US or the UK, we are able to offer bespoke consultation on the benefits of filming in these locations and production services to fit your project.

We have connections to local crew, equipment, locations, services, transportation, travel/accommodation, and insurance. We can offer full-service production support. Please contact us so we can discuss your production’s specific needs. 

Creative Development & Funding

Our company ethos is to support female-identifying filmmakers and storytellers from historically underrepresented communities.

We aim to create meaningful opportunities for these creators to bring their stories and unique perspectives to the screen. Because we are a small team, we are very selective with the projects we decide to take on, but if you think your project would be a good fit for our company, please get in touch. We prefer outreach from producers and production companies, but if you are an independent writer or director, please send a logline and a short synopsis. Please note, we do not accept any unsolicited scripts or pitch materials.  


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