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Kelda of the atlantic

Kelda of the Atlantic

Documentary (UK)
Director: Alice Rosso

Kelda Wood is the first para-athlete to row across the Atlantic Ocean completely solo. This story follows her incredible life journey, leading up to this monumental accomplishment, and how she continues to be an inspiration to young people living with disabilities, chronic illness, or trauma.

Under The Open Sky

Documentary (UK/India)
Director: Sonum Sumaria

An epic voyage across the desert lands of Western India with one of the last remaining nomadic camel-herding families, the Fakirani Jat, showing the gradual disappearance of a unique culture as government policies and modernisation devour their traditional way of life.

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Daisy Delivered

Romantic Drama (US)
Writer & director: Rachel Noll James

An agoraphobic graphic designer discovers a company that will deliver her the experience of falling in love.

Series In Development


6 x 1 hour unscripted series

Each episode follow a contemporary biographers as they uncover the records of incredible women across the centuries, who would otherwise have been lost to history.


The Time Key

Drama/Thriller 10 x 1 hour episodic

A teenage girl suffers a life threatening injury. Her best friends stumble into the midst of a century spanning mystery where local urban legends intersect in a terrifying race against time as they search for a way to save their friends life.


Global Storytellers

Documentary/Genre 13 x 1 hour episodic

An empowering anthology series that highlights underrepresented storytellers through both documentary and narrative filmmaking. Exploring different social, political and cultural issues that affect women around the world through metaphors in genre films.

Fearless and Fierce

Fearless and Fierce

Profile Interview Series

A short-episode interview series that showcases and celebrates diverse female role models around the world. In each episode, an inspirational woman will tell viewers about another woman in history who has been a specific inspiration to her.

The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Fantasy Noir Drama 6 x 30 min episodic

In a parallel New York City circa 1929, where humans and magical creatures precariously co-exist, two sister sorceresses hold the fate of the fantastical community in delicate balance while they clash over a premonition about the stock market crash.


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